What is a Capstone Community Group? – Part 1

Community Groups (CG) for Capstone Church have been on a very interesting journey since we started six years ago. For the first 4 years they were not successful. Looking back on our early attempts at CG I believe we had two main problems.

1. We tried to make every group look the same. 

2. We tried to accomplish everything in our CGs. They were supposed to be about building community, be a Bible study, and a key vehicle for discipleship. 


It was a frustrating endeavor over our first four years, but the last two years, we have seen our CGs trending in a new direction. This journey is far from over and we definitely still have a lot of growing and learning to do.

So over the next few weeks, on Tuesdays, we are going to revive the Capstone Blog to help you understand what CG are and are NOT at Capstone.

The goal of our CGs is to become a Family on Mission together.

I want to start with what a CG is NOT.

Our CGs are NOT primarily a Bible Study.

This does not mean that we do not study the Bible together when our groups gather, but our focus is not about gaining knowledge of the Bible and sitting in circles to answer questions from a book or have a leader “feed us” while we just take notes. Unfortunately one of the beliefs of our society says that KNOWLEDGE is the solution to our problems. The church bought into that too and created “discipleship classes” that basically said if you will learn all of this information, then you will be good Christians. That alone is another post for another day, but our primary goal is NOT information dissemination from a “teacher” to a “student.” Knowledge of Scripture is not a bad thing, but I believe it is INCOMPLETE in making disciples.

Instead we want everyone to open the Scriptures and have input. Everyone gets to play in this game. Once again our goal is about becoming an extended family and that is not going to happen with one hour sessions working through curriculum alone.

So how do we encourage our groups to grow as a family together? That is a great question that I will answer in Part 2 next week.

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